This short course will give you the best possible start at Oxford Brookes by reflecting on the expectations and the realities of success at university.

Many students told us they wish they’d taken more time at the start of their university journey to reflect on what they wanted to get out of it. So we created this course to help you navigate the transition to university study and life.

The course is divided into four sections and ends with an evaluation. To get the most out of the experience, we recommend completing all four sections, which you can navigate through at the bottom of this page, or just click on the ‘start the course’ button below. It should take around one hour and we hope it will leave you feeling well prepared to ‘head into Brookes.’

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Course at a glance


1 hour (approx)

Contains videos

Contains quizzes

Course content


This section introduces the importance of reflection in helping you reach your potential and explores what it is like to start at university.


In this section, you have a chance to reflect on what you bring to university (which is probably a lot more than you realise!) and how you can build on this during your studies.


Being independent does not mean doing everything yourself. This section explores the importance of using development and support opportunities. 


The final section looks at how you can take charge of your learning. It offers strategies for making your learning active and effective to set you up for success.