Pathways Head into Brookes


Welcome to Pathways at Oxford Brookes!

The activities and information below will help you to make a good start on your Pathways course. It includes:

  • activities to help you get to know some important words
  • a quiz on what to expect on your Pathways course
  • an interactive map for you to show where you are from

What are the most important new words?

You will meet many new words during your studies.

The following activities will help you get to know some of the most important ones to begin your Pathawys course. The words on this list have been provided by teachers from the Pathways team.

Instructions: Click on the plus icon to read the definition.

Instructions: Click to turn the cards and find out the difference between these similar sounding but commonly confused words.

What are Pathways courses like?

Pathways courses may be similar or very different from your previous studies. Take this short quiz to learn more.

Instructions: Choose True or False and click Show Advice. Then, use the blue arrows below each question (bottom right) to show the next one.

Where are you from?