Head into Brookes for Taught Postgraduates


The difference in pace between starting an undergraduate degree and a taught postgraduate degree is like the difference between an aeroplane taking off and a rocket blasting into space.

On a taught postgraduate course you don’t have time to be embarrassed or defensive about not knowing things – you need to get going quickly. This is why we’ve created this brief introductory course, to show that you don’t need to be an expert in everything when you start a postgraduate degree, but you do need to know how to make the most of the support and opportunities available to you at Brookes.

A key piece of advice is to keep your curiosity – if you ask questions, read widely in your subject, and follow your interests, you will go on an exhilarating journey that can launch you to achieving great things!

Myth busting Quiz

How is taught postgraduate study different from previous studying that you’ve done?

Take our myth busting quiz to discover whether your expectations of starting a taught postgraduate degree match what it is really like.